Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I love the cold!

cosy and cute

I love the cold whether. I love dressing up in huge warm jumpers and hats, gloves and a cute scarf. 
And most of all I love experimenting with my makeup and trying out cute warm colours on my lips, cheeks and nails! Autumn/Winter is my favorite time of year. Cosy nights in watching tv, snuggling up in bed with a ton of blankets, putting clothes on the radiator before i go to bed so when i get up in the morning and get dressed they're all warm and cosy. I heard we're suppose to be getting snow in October?! I'm so excited even though it probably wont happen haha, what do you like about Autunm/Winter? Comment below and leave your links :P Thanks for reading.

-Georgia x

Denim sweater
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Accessorize satchel handbag


H m hat
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Chanel lipstick


  1. I love this outfit! I'm the same as you I love wearing jumpers :)
    Kirsty x

  2. Super cute outfit makes me all excited about autumn xx

  3. This is such a cute comfy look really love it for this time of year x