Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A bit about me..

So as I've started posting, I have realized that there really isn't any information about myself! I'm not very good at writing about myself but i'll give it ago. 
Ok, so my name's Georgia, i'm 16 years old and I live in Bristol (UK), I will be starting college at the end of August and will be studying Art, Textiles, Biology and either Psychology or Communications&Culture. I have an older brother (18) and a younger sister (9).

Hmm.. If I had to try and describe my personality the first word that comes into my head is always going to be 'weird'. I'm not entirely sure why but through my years, many people have described me as crazy and weird but in the 'good way' haha. Now I know when people describe their personality its key to mention whether you're confident, or shy etc.. but I couldn't put myself in one of those categories. I'm completely different when I'm in the company of close friends, to distant friends and again different to when I'm with family, and people I don't know very well, or at all. I'd say i'm most confident when I'm with a few close friends, But in other situations I can sometimes be outgoing and confident, or super shy and quiet! I suppose it varies on my mood as well. I like to think of myself as creative, which i'll focus on later in the post. Also I'm the kind of person to 'say it how it is' which some people may like and others may not, but hey.. you cant please everybody right? 

So more about my life? Lets start with 'friends'
So I've recently left secondary school and to be honest, I couldn't wait to get out of there! My group of close friends was quite a large group, about 12-14 of us I think, although recently after leaving school I have already lost touch with many of them. I think there's about 2 or 3 that I still speak to. Which obviously is something different and maybe people wouldnt be too happy about if they were in that situation, but thinking back, the ones i've lost touch with, I only ever really saw inside of school and the odd occasion we all went out together. I was only really close to a small few who are the ones I still talk to now. As many people probably have, i've of course had my ups and downs with friendships over the 5 years of secondary school, although most of the group, I had been friends with from the start. People and relationships always change and grow apart and I know this is natural. Therefore I am excited to go to college and meet tons of new people.

Hmm what next.. ah i know. Hobbies and interests?
I'd say one of my main interests is of course, hair, nails, makeup and fashion! any thing 'beauty' i'm in there! haha, I think it all started off with youtube, watching hair, makeup and nail tutorials, it all just made me want to try out new things, grow out my hair and it also made me stop biting my nails!! although right now they're quite short because they keep breaking :( but as my nails started to get longer and i started trying out new things on them, well lets just say.. this is where my nail polish collection and OBSESSION began! It has come to the point where i literally cannot leave a drug store without purchasing a new nail polish! so even though i have spent a lot of money on nail polish over the months.. i absolutely love it! I have also experimented with many different makeup and hair styles through the years but recently i've just been sticking to the usual things i do to my makeup and hair just tweaking little bits now and then. 

A hobby i have is singing, i've only ever done it at home in my room, and never really in front of  people, and i may not be the best singer, but i just love it! i think i've loved singing ever since i was little, and always sing whenever i get a chance. Yes it drives my family crazy sometimes! I always use to like singing in the school plays, and once i had a solo! i was so excited haha ;) Now usually here you would find someone writing their favorite singers or bands but i honestly couldn't name a favorite singer, i only have certain songs i like to sing, im not sure why though because i wouldnt put them all in the same category! I'll name a few anyway.. First would be Demi Lovato - heart attack, Olly Murs - dear darlin', Chris Brown - fine china, Ariana Grande - the way, and i have also been singing alot of a youtuber's covers. called Madilyn Bailey who is amazing so definitely check her out! 

Another hobby i have is art. Ever since i was little i have always loved painting and drawing, i took art for one of my GCSE's in secondary school and i shall be taking art in college this august. I started off doing abstract pictures with oil pastels because i liked the way i can completely use my imagination and do whatever i wanted and how ever i wanted! I then started watching videos on youtube of Wilson Bickford who paints some really beautiful lanscapes. This then made me want to try out that! so i did! haha, i went out and bought i ton of paints, brushes, books and canvas' and there i began. I think now, i prefer sketching and drawing because i feel less pressured to get it all right the first time, knowing i can just rub out the pencil without ruining a piece of paper, or nice canvas. Portraits have never really been my thing but i did like to draw things like eyes, and hair. I could just never get them all in proportion to make a face! I also began drawing things like feathers, flowers and leaves because i liked focusing really close of the detail. 

     The last hobby that i have isn't as strong as the others, but i love to bake. This also started off by watching cooking videos on youtube! Mostly cake decorating tutorials that then varied in to all kinds of baking videos! i use to cook when i was at my dads with my stepsister because i was always allowed, even though we would never plan it and never go out and buy all the ingredients needed, it was always a kind of 'throw in what you can find thats edible' job. So as you can probably imagine they never really tasted too great, although my dad would always pretend they would so we wouldnt feel bad! haha. Now i dont do much baking even though i would love to, because my mum wont let me because she thinks ill make a mess, (which is probably true) but she did let me make some cup cakes for my sister on her birthday which was exciting haha.. 

So thats just a little bit about myself... For a post that i first intended to be quite small, i think its gotten rather long! haha, so i'll wrap it up here, I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me, if you have an 'about you' post on your blog, feel free to post a link in the comments, i would love to have a read :) Thankyou for reading. 

-Georgia x


  1. Cool to know more about you! I also find it hard not to buy nail polish when I pop into a drug store.

    Rachel is Elsewhere

  2. I'm loving all the about me posts that people are doing lately. Great blog :)


  3. I love your makeup in the first picture! ♥ and the icing on those cupcakes looks so good haha x

    Holly |

    1. awh thankyou :D! ahh it was! the pink one was from a can but the chocolate was homemade with coco powder, was so yummy ;)xx

  4. thanks a lot for the comment, great post about you, you're so adorable and you got such mesmerizing eyes xx :)

    1. You dont have to thank me, haha if i leave you a comment, you deserve it :)! awh thankyou haha :) xx

  5. Oh wow you're beautiful! Great post about yourself dear! It's always nice to know more about the blogger!

    Plus: You've got amazing hair! And I also have a nail polish addiction haha :)

    So.. I was wondering if you'd like to follow each other via BLOGLOVIN and GFC? If so, tell me when you followed me and I'll immediately follow back!
    I'd really love to stay in touch!

    With lots of love,
    Lory xxx

  6. Hiya Georgia!

    Really enjoying your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog post all about it by clicking here.

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart - ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts