Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Music I've been loving lately!

This is just a small playlist of the music/songs I've been loving the last few months.. I'm sure most of you will already know most, if not all of these songs and I hope you all like at least one of them! Enjoy...
Just a little warning... I'm a hugeeee lover of MJ, so dont be surprised if many of the songs on this playlist are all by him! Also this playlist is in no particular order :)

Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Micheal Jackson - Come together
Drake Ft. Jhene Aiko - From Time
Drake - The Language
Usher - Dive
Miley Cyrus - Adore You
Fifth Harmony - Better Together
Rihanna - What Now
Michael Jackson - Butterflies
Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone

Thats all i'm going to post for now, although there are so many more, most are by Michael Jackson. So I hope you liked this post, its a bit different from anything i've posted before. If you liked this post and want to see more of what i'm listening to, then be sure to comment below and also telling me what your favorite music is! Thanks for reading.. and listening!

-Georgia x

Monday, 3 March 2014

Joining the gym..

Joining the gym..

So i'm joining the gym soon.. I've wanted to for sooo long and i've finally sorted it all out, although i haven't really thought a lot about what my plan actually is. I know for sure i want to lose at least 2 stone (how ever long that might take) and my main focus is going to be my stomach and my legs. I've never really known a whole lot about exercise and what does what for what.. I've always wanted to lose weight for as long as i can remember and i'm really excited to start working for the body i've always dreamed of having. I guess the reason i'm writing this post is because i'd really appreciate any tips and advice anyone is willing to give me. If anyone is willing to help me out i'd be so grateful if you could leave an email in the comments (for personal questions that will help with advice) or just any overall tips that would help. I know i don't post a lot but i really would like to start posting more so i'm going to try and commit more to my blog and try and post whenever i can. I know a lot of people may not be interested in this kind of post but there also are some i know who are. Anyway as i said, any advice is welcome and thank you so much for reading.

-Georgia x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Autumn wish list

Autumn wish list

This is my current wish list, i've never done one of there before but i have a feeling its going to be quite addictive! So for number 1 i've got the opi matte top coat, i've just been looking for a matte top coat for a while now and to be honest, any brand would be great! but every brand i know that does one is always out of stock in my local drug store! Number 2 is red(ish) hair, i want to dye my hair that kind of pinky/burgundy/redy colour haha i dont really know how to explain it-.- number 3 is the real techniques expert face brush, is it me or are makeup brushes sooo expensive?! but i really want this one :( 4 and 5 are these cute pastel coloured satchels, not much to say about these apart from they're cute and i want them haha. 6 is NARS red lipstick, again not much to say, i just want it haha.. 7 is the eos sweet mint organic lip balm sphere, i've heard some really good reviews on these and mint green is my favorite colour just to top it off! 8 is this amazing neon glitter nail polish, it looks so cute! 9 is the topshop red lipstick, again its pretty much the same as the nars one but i still want it haha, 10 is another neon nail polish this time different colours, again it think its really cute! and last of all 11 is just the topshop liquid liner because i need a new one! haha, thanks for reading, maybe some of these are on your wish list? if so, let me know in the comments! if not, comment telling me your first 3 things that would be, or are on your wish list!

-Georgia x

I love the cold!

cosy and cute

I love the cold whether. I love dressing up in huge warm jumpers and hats, gloves and a cute scarf. 
And most of all I love experimenting with my makeup and trying out cute warm colours on my lips, cheeks and nails! Autumn/Winter is my favorite time of year. Cosy nights in watching tv, snuggling up in bed with a ton of blankets, putting clothes on the radiator before i go to bed so when i get up in the morning and get dressed they're all warm and cosy. I heard we're suppose to be getting snow in October?! I'm so excited even though it probably wont happen haha, what do you like about Autunm/Winter? Comment below and leave your links :P Thanks for reading.

-Georgia x

Denim sweater
$40 -

Accessorize satchel handbag


H m hat
$11 -

Chanel lipstick

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Life update...

Hello everyone.. I know, I know.. Where have I been? 
Well I've been quite busy recently so this is just a little update on some things I've been getting up to..

First off, I got a job.. Its every weekend, Saturday and Sunday ha ha, and its in Primark.. 
I've been working there for about 2 months now and I must say at the moment I'm really enjoying working there, I've made a few friends which is a big achievement for me because of how socially awkward I am, and how crappy I am at making friends haha. I mostly work on the tills which is fun and has also helped me get better at making casual conversation with people I've just met as I've just said how socially awkward I am. I also do some recovery on the shop floor where I often get approached by shoppers asking me questions. I have received a few strange ones in the short time I have been there, For example, the other day an older gentleman approached me and asked me if our 'Christmas thongs' have come out yet?! I honestly didn't know what to say, so I just told him where the underwear section was. Ha ha, but other than that I'm enjoying it for the time being even though sometimes I just want to sleep all day instead of go.. but once I'm there its fine. :P

 I think my cat is also liking my new job as, when I do a cheeky shop after work he suddenly has a new den to play in ha ha.

 Hmm, what next? I started sixth form not too long ago, I chose to study Art, Textiles and Photography. So far I'm loving it because I love anything creative which I think you'd agree the 3 subjects I'm taking certainly tick that box.

Today I had my 3rd lesson in photography so far and I'm really enjoying it, I plan to get the Canon 700d for Christmas this year which I cant wait for That also means my pictures in my posts will be better. I'm also still thinking about the whole YouTube thing so we'll see :) 
So for the first few lessons we have just been learning about the different settings on a camera (e.g aperture, shutter speed) and testing it out going around the school grounds taking pictures, where I think I took some really lovely nature picture that I wish I had on this computer so I could post them, but I don't :(  what I do have is a picture of the sky outside my window a few days ago where the clouds were pink and it looked really pretty ha ha.. and also a pretty picture of the sunset from my holiday in Tenerife..

Today was my second lesson of art, and same as photography, I am really enjoying it. So far we have been working on our drawing/sketching skills but drawing glass cups. It was quite a challenge because of the fact that its glass.. and its see-through but it gave us chance to practice doing some really nice shading and giving each other feedback. Today we used the first page in our A2 sketch books, where we  looked at the artist Leonardo Da Vinci. We had a go at copying some of his art and trying different techniques (e.g using pencil, using biro) Again I dont have any pictures of this but when I bring my sketch book home to finish work off, I'll be sure to take some. :)

I've had a few lessons of textiles now, it was the first lesson I had in post 16 and I loved it. Again, we've been looking at artists and using their art to develop our own samples using the same kinds of techniques. We've been using collage, hand stitching, bondaweb, fabric and paint to create samples that will be added into out books when we get them. This time I do actually have a picture of one of my samples ha ha.

So yeah, so far I'm really enjoying Post 16, another reason why is because my best friend is in all my lessons so we're basically together all the times which makes it that much better:) 

Ha ha, on that note, thats really what I've been up to lately so I'm going to go now.. Let me know in the comments what you've been up to! If you've started college or school recently, Hows it going?:) thanks for reading :)

 -Georgia x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

25 Facts About Me

1. One of my most favorite things to do is sing

2. I'm a massive movie junkie 

3. I have some strange eating habit where all the food on my plate needs to be neat and not touching each other.. I'm not sure why

4. If I'm completely comfortable around you, you'll probably think I'm a complete weirdo 

5. 'Taken' is one of my favorite movies of all time

6. I don't think I can go a day without listening to music

7. I appear very shy when I meet new people and won't usually speak much, but I'm getting better at that 

8. I cant sleep without my phone or iPod next to or near me

9. I have a massive phobia of spiders 

10. One of my nostrils are bigger than the other and a different shape because I have a slightly bent nose (thanks dad) luckily its not too noticeable I don't think

11. I'm usually a very messy person but I sometimes have days where I just feel like cleaning everything

12. I currently have enough chewing gum in my handbag to last me a lifetime

13. I love feathers 

14. I think my dream job would be something to do with looking after some sort of animal(s) 

15. I cant remember the last time I ate 3 proper meals a day 

16. I'd rather the weather be cold than hot 

17. I cant wait to have my own family when I'm older

18. When I was younger I use to do gymnastics and judo

19. I prefer silver jewellery to gold

20. If I don't really know you, I'm rubbish at making conversation

21. I love sushi 

22. I cry a lot

23. I use to have really really tight ringlet curls in my hair 

24. I'm really easy to wind up if I know you're doing it deliberately 

25. I love horror movies but hate being scared, the main movies that scare me are usually the ones to do with ghosts